Wellbeing Wish list Private Sessions

Wellbeing Wish list Private Sessions


One to One Private Mindful Yoga or Private Mindful Meditation

from 70.00

Private Mindful sessions are for individuals who want to restore some balance to their lives and maximise their health, fitness and mental wellbeing.

Establish a healthier relationship with your body, strengthening your muscles, working on postural alignment so better able to cope with life’s stresses.

Feel the immediate benefits of one-on-one instruction, with hands on adjustments allowing you to develop your technique.

Relax and go deeper as you are guided into postures with a practice customised to your specific needs.

Maximise the benefits of your practice within the privacy of your own space at a time which suits you.

Practising a pure and authentic style of Mindful hatha yoga, including breathing exercises and relaxation techniques will impart you with more energy, more flexibility and strength.

Learning Mindful Mediation practices with mindful yoga will relieve stress & anxiety. Most of us have issues that we find hard to let go and mindfulness can help us deal with them more productively.

Beginner and intermediate students welcome.

Please use the contact form to book a session in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Please contact us to have an informal chat and plan your bespoke class timetable.